Intuitive Services

Sessions are done Remotely

- No Phone Call, Video Chat, or Face to Face Appointment Needed -

For intuitive sessions, I will tap into Universal Mind, or Higher Consciousness, via meditative trance and bring through your messages. This session will be recorded and the audio will be sent to you. Yours to keep for easy download and review!

For dream interpretation reports, after you've sent in the description of your dream, I will communicate with you for further details before writing up the full interpretation and message being sent from your Subconscious Mind and send the final report to you via email. This is a great report to reflect back on when working on internal communication with the Self. I highly recommend you keep a copy of every dream interpretation report!


  • Discover messages being sent from your Subconscious.

    30 min


  • Provides an in-depth look at all areas of the Self and the Mind.

    1 hr


  • A session designed to assess the individual's current energetic state.

    45 min


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