The Problem with the All is One Mentality

I feel like I’m about to piss some people off, but here goes 🤷🏻‍♀️ In a perfect world, everyone would have a good heart, pure intentions, there would be no shadow and no darkness. But we live in a fallen system. There are truly dark forces in existence that KNOW who the Light is and CHOOSE to reject it. They choose to reject the Divine Mother and Father. This has been happening for millennia. There was darkness before the creation of our time matrix and that darkness infiltrated and hijacked our home. Before this hijacking, all truly was one in our individual universe. Every individual soul who incarnated into this Earth plane was there to learn and grow, experience existence in a new way. Everyone knew who they truly were and there were no illusions or deceptions over our origins. We became a very valuable energy source to those who did not have light of their own. It was easy for them to pull our true history codes, hijack our stargates and vortexes and create inversion codes to recycle our energy through a dark loop of incarnations where we gained more karmic pain and suffering that these energies could get a nice high from. They were able to create multiple sources of harvesting technologies to further lull us into an energetic siphoning prison planet without too much of an argument from us. This is where the “all is one - non-duality” new age philosophy falls apart. Yes, at one point in time, we were all one. But darkness is not part of the one. Darkness CHOOSES to be SEPARATE from the one. Darkness chooses to abuse and torture the one. Darkness chooses to take advantage of and use the one. We are NOT ONE with that dark energy. But that energy exists in our universe, our time matrix, and on our planet. So when we choose the spiritual bypassing method of not looking at the darkness that is right in front of us, abusing us, and we choose to say “I must integrate that darkness in compassion, because I am one with that darkness and that darkness is me.” - Excuse my French but fuuuuuuck that!!! - That is manipulation talking. Would we tell an abused and battered person to continue living with and accept their abuser, their abusive qualities and all?? That is effectively what we are saying when we say “integrate darkness” and “we’re all one”. Humanity is all one. Humanity holds the Light codes of the Mother and Father within. Darkness has none of that - by choice. THEY ARE NOT PART OF THE ONE UNIFIED FAMILY OF GOD. The darkness created duality by choosing to separate from the Light. So the very beings and systems we’re saying need to be integrated and accepted are the ones who created the division on purpose in the first place! Do we see the madness in this philosophy yet??! I urge all of us to take time to think about what we think we know about duality and the “all is one” mentality. Feel into the Truth and call on our Divine Mother and Father for discernment. I ask the same thing for myself. The smoke and mirrors tactics that cause confusion and inversions to run rampant in the spiritual community need to be called out. That darkness is tricky with intention. Confusion is their best tactic for leading people into reversal coding and false programming. Get clarity, sit with the True Living God, call the Mother and Father into your heart and discern.

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