The Moon Matrix

We are solar powered beings. The solar energy of the Sun (and the Son: Christos) recharges our batteries and brings beautiful light codes into our being.

The striking difference between the energy of the Sun and the Moon is something we can feel when we tune into it. The Moon is shadowy, secretive, thrives in the darkness, and does not produce its own light. Instead it reflects the light of the Sun. The deception of the Moon’s energy has warped our sense of Self for thousands of years.

The reversal energy of the Moon brings the dark feminine aspects and the shadow Self to the surface. This is why we seem to go crazy with the Full Moon, when it’s energies are at its peak. Any unresolved emotions, insecurities, fears, or attachments in our field rise up to the surface and have a field day with our energy. This is made even worse when we play into the Moon’s energies through worship, ritual, and Moon practices. Reversal feminine codes showing up as lack of self worth, scattered mental energy, comparison and jealousy, self pity - these are just some of the inverted energies we deal with when we’re effected by the Moon Matrix.

It’s important to recognize the effect the Moon has on us, but to honor and revere the Moon as the “Mother” is like loving our abuser. We want to recognize where our shadows lie, but we do not want to celebrate the aggressor.

I see so many beautiful women unknowingly struggling with the Moon Matrix energy, just as I have. Dealing with damaged self worth, toxic thought patterns, sexual misery and abuse, severe depression and mood swings, and even taking it into vindictive and spiteful behaviors. Forgetting sisterhood. Forgetting the true Divine Mother connection.

Acknowledgment of the issue is the only way to move toward detoxing the Moon Matrix out of our field. But it is ADDICTIVE. The energy is like a drug. We become addicted to the depressive qualities. There’s a false high, like a spike of shadowy connection, that comes first. Then the bottom drops out and you’re left in a state of hopeless emptiness.

THAT IS NOT THE ENERGY OF THE MOTHER. We’re being fed this lie that the Moon represents the Mother energy. This is the abusive mother. This is the manipulative, narcissistic mother. And when we’re deep in the Moon Matrix, we have a form of Stockholm Syndrome. We defend our abuser who siphons our energy and tells us that we’re weak without her. That we have to “recharge” under her false light.

When we’re indoctrinated into the Moon Matrix, we will rage against the idea that the Moon is not the Mother. We will turn away when we’re told that we’re being manipulated by this energy. But have we examined how we feel during the Moon cycles? Have we watched the ups and downs, the high-highs and the severe lows in correlation with the Moon phases?

We are not meant to cycle that way. We are not meant to go from happiness and elation down to fear and misery from day to day. Men and women are both effected by this reversed coding, but women get hit the hardest. We’re also told that we have the energy of the Moon within us. No. We have the energy of the Divine Mother within us naturally. The Moon Matrix is a disease that we’ve become infected with. The false mother is sweet as she pulls us in, but slowly unravels our mind, emotions, and self awareness the deeper we allow her to go.

It’s time to release and feel the alignment that comes from that purge. To explore the idea of how we’d feel if we weren’t subjected to the violent mood swings of the Moon Matrix. And how it would feel if we asked the Divine Mother to pour her Light into us and assist us in clearing the webbing of the false mother. The more of us that choose to clear this energy out, the weaker the Moon Matrix becomes.

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