Release the Web of the Inverted Dark Mother

The inverted Mother, the false feminine, the polar opposite of our true Holy Mother. The moon has been a tool used against us to bring down the divine feminine energy and entrap us in a false matrix. This inversion has led to a distortion of what femininity truly is. This false matrix contributes to the bad mother archetype, the selfish, insecurity-driven woman, the abusive and hurtful lover. We have unknowingly been manipulated into these dark mother roles and the worst part is that many spiritual traditions and new age practices celebrate this dark effigy as the “nurturer”. We have been tricked. The perfect example of this trickery is that the Moon does not offer its own light. It reflects the light of the Sun. The true mother energy offers us pure light, the light of our Creator Mother/Father God Union.

The reality is that we are all effected by this Moon energy and will continue to be until we remove its claws from our field. Beginning the detachment process will shake up the imprints that have been placed within our energy body. This can trigger emotions and confusions. Navigating through this is only possible by calling on our Guides who serve the Christos-Sophia, our one Creator, so that we have divine help as we remove the false implants in our field. Prayer is so important for this. Praying is consenting to the assistance our soul family can offer us and our Guides who are aligned with the Christos-Sophia respect and honor our free will. So consent is necessary to receive this help, which we absolutely need to move through this.

So in place of moon rituals and moon worship for the full moon, I suggest connecting with your Creator and benevolent Guides and asking them to intercede and assist with Moon implant removal. Sit with them and meditate on their light burning away the symbols and encoding that the false mother has etched into our energetic field. Meditate on that purification and feel the safety of the true Holy Mother’s womb cradling you in her embrace. You’re safe, you’re protected, you’re supported ❤️ Release and allow that inverted energy to fall away, as you fall into the embrace of the True Mother.

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