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Plans & Pricing

Monthly Packages

I am blessed to have so many clients who repeatedly come back for additional sessions on a regular basis, seeking to grow that connection with their Higher Selves.


Sessions done on a regular basis act as a "check-in" to see how movement is happening in Subconscious Mind and to offer further suggestion from Spirit on how best to continue with your journey. 

Because so many of you practice regular "check-in" readings, I have created packages at a discounted rate to make regular readings easier to obtain. Every month I will do your intuitive session on the same day and send you your audio file automatically. No need to reach out to request another reading unless you'd like to ask additional questions. I will always get in touch with you prior to doing your reading to see if you have any particular areas you'd like to focus on.

These packages allow you to see how your personal growth is progressing and offer additional direction as you move forward on your path. Over time, incredible growth can happen as your connection with your Higher Self deepens and you begin to tap into the powerful energy of your intuition. Regular readings aid this process dramatically by keeping you on the path toward your goals.