About Shauna

Shauna has been interested in the Metaphysical Sciences since a young age. She has always had a relationship with the Other Side, or as she calls it - "Universal Mind". Through many incredible, tough, humbling, and beautiful experiences over the course of her life, her relationship with her Guides and Higher Mind grew and with that, her intuitive gifts grew, as well. From a young age, she could intuitively read the energy in a room and around people, which is why she preferred to spend her time in nature and around

animals where the energy is more grounded and calm. Like many others with intuitive abilities, Shauna struggled with finding her place in a world where she didn't seem to fit in.

It wasn't until the birth of her first child that she was able to understand that the intuitive abilities she had were given to her to help others - not to hide or be ashamed of. She eagerly read, researched, and took classes on every possible subject that could help her expand on these abilities and gain the confidence to share them with others.


Shauna has always had the desire to help fellow souls grow and become more aware of their own Mind, Soul, and their connection to Source. The opportunity to be of service to others through readings and dream interpretations is Shauna's greatest passion.

"I'm so happy you're here."

- Shauna Rupp

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