Welcome to Lavender House Intuitive Guidance! My name is Shauna and my mission is to assist you on your journey in this incarnation by providing insight into your Subconscious Mind through Intuitive Sessions, Dream Interpretations, and Meditation Training. When an individual becomes aware of the inner workings of their Mind and Energetic Body, they have the opportunity to make changes to the way they respond to stimulus and can begin choosing the direction their life takes. 

Intuitive Sessions

Dream Interpretations

Meditation Courses

It is my greatest desire that through these sessions, interpretations,

and courses you will be able to:

• Become more aware of your Higher Mind

• Create a connection with your Intuitive Self and your Creator

• Heal from past trauma and wounds

• Recognize and correct limitations and imbalances within the Mind and Emotional Body

• Have the tools and confidence to begin creating your life as you desire it to be!

what people are saying

"You just explained so much to me. So many emotions that I wasn't able to articulate before are outlined.... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!" 

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